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Nikestares Trade Co.Ltd

[China] cheap wholesale nike Dunk shoes air Jordan shoes ni

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Jingwei trade Co.Ltd.(Welcome to our website. It is a footwear enterprise which combine footwear trade with footwear manufacture.For good quality of our product,we bringed in the best protution equipment technologies,and professionals from abroad.We wholesale nike sneaker shoes,cheap wholesale sneaker jordan shoes,jordan fusion,cheap shoes,nike Dunk shoes,nike air force1 shoes,nike shox,clothes,jean,t-shirt,handbag,hat.....All the shoes are packed in original boxes with retro cards,and the tags,and style code number are 100% correct.We can not only provide the top quality shoes
Welcome to our website:
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Katalog/Branche: Textilbekleidung & Mode -> Odzież, Obuwie -> Men's footwear


Nikestares Trade Co.Ltd

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Name und Vorname: Liping Zeng
Telefon: +86 594 2785886
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